Worlds within worlds: women building tiny houses – Q&A video

white house under maple trees

For many women, the home is a bad place to be.

On average, men in England will require 8 times their salary to buy a house while women will require 12 times their salary.

Similarly, affordable rents are available to men in all areas of England except London, whereas no area is affordable for women.

The majority (67%) of statutory homeless people are women, and single mothers constitute two-thirds (66%) of all statutory homeless families with children. Women are more likely to be assaulted, raped, or murdered in their own home than any other location.

Women in the UK spend two hours more per day on unpaid housework then their male partners.

Building tiny houses can enable women to build skills, confidence, and a lifeline out of a life that might otherwise be hard, dangerous, and unhappy.

I discuss this in the lecture below recorded with thanks to Dr Alice Butler-Warke at Robert Gordon University.

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